Our company was founded in 1929. In 1925 Presidium of USSR Supreme Council of National Economy adopted a resolution concerning development of wood chemistry in the country and launching commercial resin production.

On August 16, 1928 construction of a rosin and terebinthine plant (now Orgsyntez OJSC) was started in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1929 the first products – rosin and turpentine - were manufactured. The plant capacity amounted to 300 tons of resin per month. In 1932 the plant capacity in terms of rosin production increased 3 times, and by 1937 Ц up to 15,000 tons per year. Due to this fact our country stopped importing rosin from the USA and turpentine from France.

During the Great Patriotic War, apart from the basic products the plant prepared daily up to 50 bottles of incendiary mixture for military needs, tank grease, produced special drums, and special “Kleol” glue for military hospitals. For organization of УKleolФ production the plant was awarded a special diploma by the Headquarters of Medical Corps of the General Staff of the Red Army.

During the post-war period the plant production facilities continued to grow, labor efficiency increased, and new production shops were put into operation:

1. 1956 - launching camphor production

2. 1959 Ц launching formic acid, oxyterpene resin, nitrocellulose varnish and enamel production

3. 1972 Ц launching pine oil production

4. 1981 Ц organizing melt adhesive production

5. 1995ã - establishing pine resin production subdivision in Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir region

6. 1999 Ц developing bituminous mastic, organic solvent, bituminous varnish, water glass, and vinylene production.

Today Orgsyntez OJSC is one of the largest enterprises of the wood chemical industry in Russia, producing and selling high quality pine resin and tall hard rosin products, and successfully cooperating with paint-and-varnish enterprises in Russia and abroad. f3.jpg

In 2009 we turned 80. It’s a long history, imprinted in the hearts of several generations, which have been working at the plant one after another.

Production shops with constantly upgraded equipment, our own thermal power plants, a car park and a railway branch together with competent staff provide for our stable market position even in the time of trouble.

High and stable quality of the products is a plant axiom. Laboratory with up-to-day equipment, as well as globally recognized quality systems provide for comprehensive quality control of our products. Due to this fact, our products are in great demand not only in the RF territory, but in the near and far abroad countries.

During the time of its existence, the plant has earned an unrivaled reputation of a large and reliable manufacturer.

Orgsyntez OJSC
is a well-known brand and an embodied leadership, stability, mastery, advanced technologies and quality.

The plant and its employees are a priceless concentrated experience, which has been gained for eight decades.

The basic constituents of our competitive ability are as follows:

1. Our own raw material base: we own over 10 forestries, located in the territory of Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir regions.

2. Our own production base, unique equipment for making granulated products.

3. Free production, process and power facilities, providing for development of new production and technologies.

4. Our own laboratory with extensive scientific and research potential, which controls the quality of each batch of the products and constantly works at diversification, in accordance with the market demands.

5. Competent personnel policy to organize the work of all departments in the most efficient way.

Individual approach to each client. Our specialists are always ready to help with the product choice in accordance with technology requirements and specific features of your production.